We Enrich Your Brand Experience With Music.

About Us

Marka Radyo is founded on one single purpose, «Delivering The Best Audio Experience For Retail Industry». Our expertise in audio streaming, music curating and retail customer experience inspired us to become one of the key service provider for retailers.

Marka Radyo seemlessly provides music and voice-over services to more than 4000 sales points and deliver audio experience to more than 3 million people every day.

Our loyalty-free music library contains over 200.000 songs in different genres. Everything we do is produced in-house by our creative studio. That team delivers both in-store and out-of-store messaging, working across mediums and keep your customers entertained.

We continually adapt to the retail and hospitality industry and the consumers that drive it. We are so thrilled to become your partner.

How Do We Get Started?


We Choose Your Music

Our music curators carefully select the music for you from our library.


We Open Your Account

We provide the necessary information for you to enter the car on the Internet. You can control your music through this automation and you can customize it. Of course we are always there.


You Enjoy Music

When you log in through your browser, the music starts and you start enjoying the environment in your place. We use the "Play v in the warehouse" method. Thus, the signal status of your internet connection will not connect you at all.


We Build Your Brand Radio

Alternatively, you may want to put your campaigns and ads or advertisements of your business partners in the broadcasts. Our system is designed for this and has the necessary flexibility.


We observe that our customers are walking with more joy and stay longer for shopping since we started to work with Marka Radyo. This is what makes us happier.


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We would like to thank Marka Radyo for their strong technical support and for their in-store music service providing music reflecting our brand's nature for years

Ferit Vural / İstikbal Mobilya


What Is Our Offer?

Professional In-Store Music Services: The tone and level of your music will always be consistent with the ambience of your venue. You can use your own licensed music or our licensed music.

Your Brand Radio: It's not a commercial radio but you can make it commercial. Our custom automation software creates a flexible voice marketing channel that adds value and produces results for you and your suppliers. You can announce all your campaigns and announcements to your customers with this radio channel. You can even customize messages according to location, customer type or venue style.

Turnkey Voiceover: We provide you with a free voiceover service with our own staffed voiceovers. If there is someone you specifically want, we will also charge you and take care of the rest.

Indirect Copyright Music: Our licensed and copyrighted library is at your disposal. As an agency with licensing rights, we make sure your venues are safe from copyright.